How to be a Writer

How to be a Writer is laden with wisdom and incomparable humour. It also gives a brief about the writing styles of prominent literary figures.

Love Among The Bookshelves

Filled with anecdotes, interesting trivia and passages Love Among the Bookshelves is a collector's delight. It also brushes upon Ruskin Bond's life in England as a thriving writer.

Book Review – ‘Soft Glimmers and Shining Stars’

'Soft Glimmers and Shining Stars' directs the readers towards a glimmer of hope in dark alleys and compels one to re-think life. At dire times like these, this poetry collection is a warm hug and a soft nudge to those who have lost motivation in the sea of life.

Book Review – ‘Sixty Years from Now’

The poems in 'Sixty Years From Now' are profound and follow different styles with focused themes. The themes covered are vast, spanning over love, guilt, hope, philosophy and the socio-economic fabric of the world at large.

Book Review – ‘Sumit The Brave Heart’

'Sumit The Brave Heart' chronicles the life of Sumit Shekhar, his grit, determination and enthusiasm towards day to day activities. This book also aims to create awareness about a lesser known chronic illness.

Book Review – ‘Cadeau of Love and Hope’

'Cadeau of Love & Hope' comprises of micro-poems on life that follow a rhyme scheme. The message of the anthology is how to use the gifts of love and hope to overcome odds in life.

Murder in Mesopotamia

A murder takes place and Captain Maitland is called, who summons Hercule Poirot. With nurse Amy Leatheran in tow, they examine the case like that of a doctor and a nurse.

Book Review – ‘The Anchored Boat and Other Poems’

'The Anchored Boat' is a metaphor for life and in the case of this collection, the word 'anchor' refers to nature. There is always something to learn from nature and its inhabitants. That was my key takeaway from this poetry collection.

Book Review – ‘Pilgrims – A collection’

‘Pilgrims - A Collection’ describes the journey of the writer in free verse form. The verses refer to a significant phase that brought a change, albeit a spiritual one in case of the author.

Book Review – ‘Only The Good Die Young’

'Only the good die young' shows the dark side of the advertising industry amidst the glitz and glamour surrounding it. The story is narrated by the characters, each having their own side of truth.

Book Review – ‘Stoned: The Untold Story of CO-Weed20’

‘Stoned’ is a delightful concoction of realism, science fiction, fantasy, music and philosophy. Something that will smack your head or even make you smile.

Book Review – ‘A Jar of Pebbles’

A Jar of Pebbles' is an anthology which celebrates the spirit of ordinary in extraordinary ways. Pebbles represent the anecdotes and the jar personifies life itself. It was interesting to view life from the perspective of 80s especially during times like these.

Author Interview – Daniel Kelly

A candid conversation with author Daniel Kelly where he talks about his love for Greek Mythology, growing up in Ireland and his work 'Heroes of Troy'.

Book Review – ‘Magic Square’

'Magic Squares' is a fast and a racy read that will play games with your mind. Amudha's pursuit of truth will fuel your curiosity.