Book Review – ‘The Untold Story’

A heart touching tale of true love and beyond. The plot is one of a kind and is a breather from other cliched romance novels.

Book Review – ’15/1 Story Avenue’

'15/1 Story Avenue' is an anthology not restricted to a particular genre. The right blend of genres like love, thriller, humour, sci-fi makes it a pleasant read.

Unique Blogger Award

I never want to be the best, but unique, so that I want everybody to remember me even though there are people who write better than me. Thank you, The Shining Gem (  ) for nominating me for this award. This award will inspire me to write more. You have really been supportive of... Continue Reading →

Book Review – ‘If You Never Try, You Will Never Know’

This book will make you believe in the soothing effect of love and power of dreams.

An EXcellent Affair

Karthik has to attend his ex's wedding reception and he desperately wants a date. Julia being the only option and she.....

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