Maybe an Artist by Elizabeth Montague Blog Tour

Poignant, funny, and relatable at parts, 'Maybe an Artist' urges young minds to work on their strengths and brush aside their weakness. The journalistic art resembled comic strips in newspapers.

Other Ever Afters by Melanie Gillman Blog Tour & Favorite Quotes

The other ever after breaks the preconceived notion of how quintessential characters are perceived by the readers. Contrary to the fairy tales that have happy ending, some of these tales do not end on a happy note but is dispensed to the imagination of the readers.

Author Interview – Ky Venn

1) You love sending your characters on adventures. What adventures does Adelynn embark on in the book 'Justice in Magic'? A) Adelynn embarks on a journey of self discovery; an adventure of learning new things about herself, and beginning to find herself. 2) What was your process in sketching the character of Adelynn? A) I … Continue reading Author Interview – Ky Venn


Author Interview – Astrid V.J

Voices of Children are a permanent charity organization based in Ukraine and have been working since 2015 (annexation of Crimea) on lessening the effects in children of Post Traumatic Stress caused by war. They continue their work in bringing counseling to trauma victims while also providing food and shelter to families specifically.


Sexual crimes are happening at an alarming rate and more often than not, the survivors are blamed. The perpetrators derive sexual gratification even after the act whilst that unfateful day haunts the survivors and affects their life.

Amma Take Me to The Taj Mahal

"Majestic in its beauty, the monument seemed suspended between heaven and earth. It seemed to float, almost weightless above its surrounding courtyards, mirror like water courses and emerald gardens"

Mini Reviews

Lavanya does a great job of incorporating different styles of art to pay a fitting tribute to the great visionaries who paved the way for a bright future in various fields of study.

The Boys who created Malgudi

As a child, R.K Narayan, the famed creator of Swami & Friends would fill his books with words and peer over his father's vast library of books. He was also a keen observer of his surroundings and one of his earliest subjects of attention was his brother Doodu who went on to become the creator … Continue reading The Boys who created Malgudi

Hearstopper Vol 4

‘Heartstopper Vol 4’ aims to create an awareness about various spectrum of mental illness rather than focusing on Charlie and Nick’s relationship.

I Want to Die but I want to Eat Tteokbokki

‘I want to die but I want to eat Tteokbokki’ is a part memoir and part self-help book that can be a handy guide to people who are willing to seek therapy or even to those who are already in therapy.

Hearstopper Vol 3

Heartstopper Vol 3 is intense and emotional in comparison to its previous counterparts. There are a lot of relationship dynamics explored in the book and Alice has given them enough space to bloom.

Six Ways to get Out of a Reading Slump

Reading books is an experience and requires discipline. But not being able to read a book can be frustrating for an avid reader. This occurrence is called a reading slump in the reading community.

The Chowpatty Cooking Club

The Chowpatty Cooking Club is a delightful little story of a quaint community that left no stone unturned to take part in the fight for freedom. The novel emphasises how women and children were an integral part of the freedom struggle movement.

Life in a Snippet

‘Life in a Snippet’ - as the name suggests presents a slice of life in the form of nano tales. The snippets had a convincing beginning, an unanticipated middle and a befitting end.


Philosophical and poignant ‘Loss’ poses important questions about grief. Trying to resurrect broken parts of himself through the language of words, he tries to seek closure.

That year at Manikoil

'That year at Manikoil' is an engrossing tale of the freedom struggle movement and inner turmoil of a nine-year-old. Set in the blistering village of Manikoil, this book raises lots of questions about the meaning of freedom, refugee crisis and colonialism.

Dare To Learn

'Dare to Learn' documents the journey of 25 exceptionally talented girls who have excelled to secure a bright future for themselves through education. They bravely fought against societal miscreants and stood up for themselves when the need arrived.

Princess Princess Ever After

Princess Princess ever after is a queer retelling of Rapunzel’s fairy tale. Bursting with mythical creatures that are as real as animals, their only superpower being determination.

Heartstopper Vol 1

Charlie Spring has to put up with Nicholas Nelson who’s in year 11. Charlie is sceptical about his new bench mate. But when Nick’s pen explodes, making him blue in the right hand, a bond is formed.

Looking For The Rainbow

The illustrations coupled with Ruskin's mastery over his pen make us travel back in time to the Old Delhi of the 40s and ascend the stairs of Purana Kila alongside Ruskin and his father.

She Stoops To Kill

Going by the cover, it was presumed that women sharpened their knives for the kill but I was wrong. There were female sleuths, morally grey protagonists, the femme fatale and of course the ones who went for the kill.

Listen To Your Heart

'Listen To Your Heart' is an autobiographical account of his time in England when he was an aspiring writer armed with his 'trusted ink pen' charting unknown waters. He writes about fearing a final goodbye to his found family in India and the affection he received from his aunt.

A Letter to my Bookstagram Account

My bookstagram is not an account but a feeling - Feeling of happiness, anxiety, nervousness and what not!

A Little Book of Happiness

Little book of Happiness contains pearls of wisdom on happiness by stalwarts of literature and the man himself - Ruskin Bond. I always look forward to the introduction in Ruskin Bond’s books as it is peppered with a generous dose of humour. The book starts with a humorous note with the author comparing happiness to … Continue reading A Little Book of Happiness

Anthology of New Writing

'The Anthology of New Writing' indicated an experimental way of writing i.e describing the way people in various parts of the world live and love in a crisp, yet impactful way.

The Tea Dragon Tapestry

'The Tea Dragon Tapestry' imbues the message from the second book and the trilogy comes whole as a tapestry.

The Tea Dragon Festival

Food tastes like home. ‘The Tea Dragon Festival’ incorporates that feeling successfully into the form of a heart fluttering story that will bring you more closer to home.

The Tea Dragon Society

With swoon worthy illustrations and a cute story that will be etched in your heart, The Tea Dragon Society is definitely worth a read.


'Baanjh' is an anthology featuring women who are trying to navigate the ebbs and highs of life with their insecurities, marital woes, fluctuating mental health and social taboos.

Monsieur Le Chef

Tucked in a secluded area unknown to humans, the island of Animaux moves by each passing second. It was fun to see the inhabitants of Animaux island, trying to put the things known to humans to good use.

The Blue Rabbit

The poem - 'The Blue Rabbit' which is also the name of the collection, is a verse that captures the vision of a child, a vision that is not marred by the rules set by the world.

Dream Cafe

/Prompt/ Write a verse on a dream cafe owned by you The cafe I own is in a quaint town, Where everyone knows everyone. It serves homely breakfast, And Freshly baked cookies and Muffins, Loaded with calories. All made with love. The frothy coffee tastes better, When sweet words are exchanged. Sorrows are downed in … Continue reading Dream Cafe

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The wonderful wizard of Oz is an adventurous fantasy tale with flying monkeys, breathtaking marvelous lands and magical objects. Written solely for pleasure, it does not imbue the quality of morality, but provides enough fodder to think.

All The Way Home

‘All the Way Home’ encapsulates the experience of the homeless population through self-expression and art. People supported by The Rock Trust document their experiences before and after being introduced to the organisation.

Book Review – ‘Of Closets and Skeletons and other Crime Stories’

‘Of Closets and Skeletons and other crime stories’ by Kaivalya Ramnath dwells into the dark underbelly of the society where people from all walks of life had malicious intent and sinister motives.

Book Review – Gertrude

“Welcome dear Reader to this Curious Tale, where all of your dreams are about to set sail, into a world that exists on no map, apart from this one sitting here in your lap.” - Gertrude

Book Review – ‘Death is my only Beloved’

The collective theme of 'Death Is My Only Beloved' is a reflection of the dark side of life and dubious ways of human nature. The author writes about his vices proudly yet, doesn't shy from baring his raw emotions he experienced while losing a loved one.

The Big Four

In 'The Big Four', Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastings are in hot pursuit of the notorious crime syndicate comprising of a Chinese man, American man, French Woman and the 'Destroyer'.

Author Interview – Kate Haley

1) Speculative fiction comprises elements that are non-existent in the real world. What kind of research is necessary to write a book in this genre or is it completely rooted in imagination? It varies depending on the world and story. High fantasy (War of the North Saga) requires less research than a lot of other … Continue reading Author Interview – Kate Haley

The Deal of a Lifetime

‘The Deal of a Lifetime’ is a poignant tale spun around fragility of life during the festive season of Christmas. It reaffirms the faith there are spokes of compassion in all of us. 

A Thousand Splendid Suns

‘A thousand splendid suns’ is a heart wrenching tale set in war-torn Afghanistan spanning two generations. This book offers a mirror to socio-political unrest in Afghanistan.

Pumpkin Heads

Contrary to the main theme love, this book is about friendship and how friends go the distance (quite literally in this case) to make things work. Amidst halloween treats and trouble making kids, 'Pumpkin Heads' is a heart-warming read.

The Last Ones

The story goes back and forth mainly in conversations with brief descriptions of the outside world. It is rooted in Dante’s Inferno where a person has to perform seven acts of mercy to cleanse themselves from seven deadly sins known to mankind.

A Man Called Ove

Ove is a grumpy man who sneers at others like a ‘police-man pointing his flashlight’ when he doesn't get what he desires. A person Ove constantly talks to, is his wife. The only one who could silence his nagging voice

Love is a Revolution

‘Love is a Revolution’ isn't just a story about love, but how a group of teens come together for the betterment of the black community in Harlem. It's about a girl who finally finds ways to love herself and be persistent about her choices.