Book Review – ‘Flying Without Wings’

'Flying Without Wings' is an ideal romantic fiction with beautiful story, endearing characters and heartfelt moments. A must read book for all the romantic fiction lovers out there.


Book Review – ‘You Never Know’

'You Never Know' is a good fast paced one time read. Go, for it if, you are looking for something new to read in the romance genre.

Book Review – ‘The Last Link’

The scenario of the five vices pitted against five elemental forces is something new and different. This book is something that science enthusiasts and fantasy lovers would definitely cherish.

Book Review – ‘Unlawful Justice’

One of the best legal thrillers of the year, highly recommended to people who are fans of crime-fiction, thrillers and anyone who enjoy a good read.

Author Interview – Kevin Missal

In conversation with Kevin Missal, the co-founder of Kalamos Literary Services, talking about his upcoming book Dharmayoddha Kalki.

She is the one

You are an ordinary lady, With traces of beauty on your face But plenty in your heart. I run my hands over the lines on your face, which were formed due to years of taking care of me. You pull me to an embrace. I feel the warmth of the summer, care of the autumn... Continue Reading →

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