Book Review – ‘Crime Beyond 22 Yards’

'Crime Beyond 22 Yards' is an account of what conspired beyond the 22 yards that tainted the game of cricket forever. It traces the roots of the notorious betting mafia syndicate that has spread across many countries.


Book Review – ‘A New Dawn’

'A New Dawn' will teach you to love selflessly and believe in the power of dreams. This short and sweet read accompanied with a warm blanket and hot cuppa makes for a perfect weekend.

Author Interview – Anandajit Goswami

In conversation with Anandajit Goswami where he talks about Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability, Publishing Industry among other things.

Book Review – ‘Legends Over Generations’

'Legends Over Generations' gives a detailed account on the lives of inspiring people who defied all norms set by the society and were way ahead of their times. Legends in their own right, they remained true to their purpose till their last breath.

Author Interview – N S Ravi

In conversation with the author N S Ravi, where he talks about his new book 'The Leader', his writing process among other things.

Book Review – ‘Love Beyond 22 Yards’

'Love Beyond 22 Yards' brings you real life stories of people who defied all the norms and boundaries even at the extent of sacrificing their careers, all in the name of love.

Book Review – ‘Trust Me Not’

'Trust Me Not' is a fiction laced socio-political thriller grounded in reality.

Book Review – ‘Mango People in Banana Republic’

Experience a rollercoaster ride of love, betrayal, spiritual awakening amidst the clash of ideologies in the land divided on countless social identities.

Book Review – ‘Love A Little Stronger’

'Love A Little Stronger' by Preeti Shenoy is a book that ought to be on your bed side when you are braving the storms. It will reaffirm your faith that the storm will pass and the skies will be clear soon.