Book Review – ‘The Friend’

Sometimes in life it so happens that, a person comes waltzing in your life bringing hope and happiness. Time passes swiftly in their presence and your life seems a bit more bearable as there is someone to share the load. But can you entrust the bridle of your life to anyone?

Book Review – ‘Into the Great Heart’

'Into the Great Heart' presents a slice of Sikhism that will take you back to your spiritual roots. The legends surrounding the Sikh Guru were revived to its glory.

Book Review – ‘And We Walked Away’

Sometimes life can be an entangled mess. In spite of that live it to the fullest lest it slips from your fingers like grains of sand. The damage caused by love is irreparable. You feel entrapped in a self-created cocoon surrounded by myriad emotions.

The Reality Show

The contestants showcasing their talent along with the narration of their beginnings have inspired me for years. We, the dreamers swear by their examples and take the plunge, all in the name of our dreams. The stars are far from our reach but this reality feels a lot more closer.

To the Teacher who Taught me the most,

You were a reminder to me of how harsh and cruel can the world be. You taught me that no matter how worse the situation is, letting go is a part of gathering the pieces to form a better version of ourselves. Hatred serves no purpose but self destruction. Thanks to you, the bridges were broken back home.

Book Review – ‘Rootless’

Recently, I have been reading a lot on Partition and communal riots. I was able to deduce that there was unrest on both sides regardless of their religion. People were very much attached to their homes. For them, it was not a mere structure of stones and bricks but an abode of beautiful memories. Love and humanity still penetrated through barbed wires. 'Rootless' is a riveting story that narrates what conspired the events leading to Liberation War of 1971 and its impact at present on the lives of people in West Bengal and Bangladesh.

Book Review – ‘Call Me Saaya’

'Call Me Saaya' is a sweet love story that will make your heart flutter. Set amidst the sands of Rajasthan, you will definitely feel the presence of butterflies in your stomach.

Book Review – ‘Life is the Flower, Love is the Honey’

'Life is the flower, Love is the Honey' is a book which serves as a reminder that it is never too late to live your dreams. It encourages everyone to shed his/her inhibitions and apprehensions to work towards the greater good.

Author Interview – Amit Joshi

In conversation with author and corporate trainer, Amit Joshi where he talks about freelancing, its benefits, pitfalls, among other things.