When Love Sticks Around

‘When Love Sticks Around’ is a collection of essays recounting the memories of love, hope and joy in dire times. The key takeaway of this book is to cherish each moment of life no matter how mundane it is and sometimes learn to let go or to quote Danielle’s late mother - “These are the most important moments”

Daddy Long Legs

Jerusha Abott is a humorous character who views the world with a tinge of humour. She's impulsive at times, but straightens herself when she's reminded of her manners that she learnt in the orphanage. Filled with nuggets of wisdom and humour 'Daddy Long Legs' is a delightful read.

A Slice of Life: Every person has a story

What may seem on the surface maybe completely different from reality. A Slice of Life: Every person has a story is a short story anthology that serves as a reminder of that statement.

An Ode I Owed

An Ode I Owed is a poetry anthology dedicated to life. Humour, sarcasm and love being the colours of life.

A Christmas Carol

Old snooty Uncle Scrooge despises Christmas so much that he wishes 'Good Afternoon' on the festive occasion. One fine day when he was packing up on the eve of Christmas, he's greeted by the spirit of his partner, Jacob Marley.