She is the one

You are an ordinary lady, With traces of beauty on your face But plenty in your heart. I run my hands over the lines on your face, which were formed due to years of taking care of me. You pull me to an embrace. I feel the warmth of the summer, care of the autumn … Continue reading She is the one

Pen vs Sword

You had not done anything wrong You had just penned your stream of thoughts on the paper When a sword hovered on your head You defended yourself with nothing, but a pen The tip soaked in blood instead of ink But it still shone more than the sword Sword pierced your heart and blood oozed … Continue reading Pen vs Sword

Of Dreams and Nightmares

Poem about a girl trapped amidst the crowd of scornful faces, hushed voices, ogling eyes and boisterous laughter.

In The Pursuit Of You

It’s been an year since you left. You left, leaving a trail of memories. Following the trail, I found myself stuck in a labyrinth. My desperate cries remained unheard. I stumble on the fragments of your soul, that are scattered in all directions. The morning dew on my cheeks, reminds me of our first kiss. … Continue reading In The Pursuit Of You