Book Review – ‘Dissected’


Paperback: 140 pages

Publisher: Notion Press, Inc.; 1 edition (26 September 2018)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1644294370

ISBN-13: 978-164429437


Medicine brings forth images of dour, grave looking faces with heads buried in thick books. Naah….not at Dale. Set in an era much before hyper-connectivity made us social recluses, this is a hilarious take on the lives of fifty teenagers. Walk with them as they face the challenges of a treacherous first term at a medical school in Damsar, through the landmines of the anatomy hall, the eccentric physiological concepts and the endless biochemistry cycles that most did not give a damn for; well nearly most. This is a saga of how the class survived the adventure of a bus trip with a sloshed driver, the dressing down by teachers, the quirks of their own characters and still found time to shake a leg or two. Find out if Podgy and Palak will be together right till the end? Will Lego find his balance and Joy his joy? Will Tazo survive his class? Will people keep falling off the South Pole? Rohan needs this answer, desperately!


Medicine is a profession that is dreaded by parents and students alike. Jokes regarding the profession are doing rounds on social media and instant messaging apps.Common notion regarding medical students is that they are programmed human robots  who are constantly surrounded with  gigantic volumes of their curricular books. This novel is an attempt to dispel that myth.


Tazo arrives in a medical college in Damsar, with dreams and aspirations in his eyes. What he doesn’t know is that he will be surrounded by a mêlée of quirky characters that would make his life easy or a burden to bear for the next five years?
Podgy thanks his father for forcing him to take up medicine everytime he gets to spend time with Palak.
Rohan is the quintessential blue eyed boy attracting attention from the opposite sex.
Joy is anything but true to his name.
Meghna is an epitome of kindness and believes in donating her new clothes to charity just to see the ‘smile on their faces’. Lego has a tough time speaking his mind out owing to his broken English.
How do these contrasting personalities co-exist in the giant imposing structure of Dale medical college?

Review and Rating

The story is dripped with humour and sarcasm. Tazo, though portrayed to be quiet and shy, his inner monologue made me clutch my stomach in laughter. The language is sophisticated and polished. The astute descriptions materialised the scene in front of your eyes.
The characters are not well fleshed out as they should be in a full fledged novel. More convincing back stories could have been woven to make their existence felt.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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