Guest Post – Daniel Kelly

Author Daniel Kelly talks about a popular Landmark that features in his book - 'Heroes of Troy'.

Book Review – ‘Quotations & Stories: Thoughts’

Quotes are those signs from the universe that you cannot ignore. Sometimes it so happens that we may be overwhelmed due to their contradictory nature. We should chose which of them to follow purely by intuition and one's circumstances.

Book Review – ‘Bestseller’

'Bestseller' is a light hearted read about the happenings in a publishing house narrated in a sarcastic tone. The eloquent and crisp writing made it a compelling read.

Book Review – ‘Four Blocks Wide’

A little girl goes missing.
A newly married couple find themselves in unnerving circumstances.
A girl finds her true calling.
A boy travelling in a train encounters magic.

Book Review – ‘Dissected’

Tazo arrives in a medical college in Damsar, with dreams and aspirations in his eyes. What he doesn't know is that he will be surrounded by a mêlée of quirky characters that would make his life easy or a burden to bear for the next five years?

Read my review of a witty slice of life medical drama.