Murder in Mesopotamia

Mrs Leidner (Louise Leidner) isn’t a beauty that one despised but rather one that was admired by all. Her archaeologist husband is constantly worried about the strange incidents that his wife encounters on a daily basis. He employs nurse Amy Leatheran at her service. When Amy arrives, she is amused by how archaeologists write everything on mud and felt that excavations are nothing but mounds of mud. 

When Mrs Leidner, sees a man peering through the window, Louise takes her nurse into confidence and shows the anonymous letters she received. 

Miss Mercado despises Louise and spews venom in her name. Miss Johnson appears calm and composed on the surface. Bill Coleman isn’t the fool he looks. 

A murder takes place and Captain Maitland is called, who summons Hercule Poirot. He deduces certain facts by his observations and Dr Leidner’s expedition is in his eye of suspicion. Nurse Leatheran suspects Father Lavigny.

Hercule Poirot has his own ways to extract information from people. With nurse Amy Leatheran in tow, they examine the case like that of a doctor and a nurse.

Of course, I knew he was a foreigner, but I hadn’t expected him to be quite as foreign as he was if you know what I mean

Amy Leathernan’s first impression of Hercule Poirot

The story is narrated from Amy Leatheran’s perspective. Nurse Leatheran even had a penchant towards detective stories, so and so that she was the calm and composed one when the murder took place. 

How Christie understands human nature astounds me. For example, the characters in the book ‘Death on the Nile’ resembled people that one sees in a commute. The pacing doesn’t leave room for guessing.

The revelation, in the end, is dramatic with Hercule Poirot taking the members on a ‘journey’ by invoking the almighty. 

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