Book Review – ‘Magic Square’


Book Cover – ‘Magic Square’

Format: Kindle Edition

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Print Length: 62 pages

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Amudha is a Ph.D. scholar, practically living in her research lab, leading an uneventful life. Amudha’s life takes an adventurous turn, when she finds a puzzle in an old Mathematics book. Surprisingly, the puzzle has nothing to do with Mathematics. Amudha embarks on a journey to solve the enigma. Every twist and turn in her journey is filled with suspense and surprises. The journey challenges and threatens Amudha. Whenever Amudha solves a part of the puzzle, a new one presents itself. Will Amudha solve the puzzle? How far does the rabbit hole go? What awaits her at the end of it? Will Amudha be the same person if she comes out of it? Read on Magic Square for answers.

Review and Rating

The story opens with Amudha’s futile attempts at job search leaving her impatient and restless. She managed to breeze past the initial and technical rounds but had a meltdown when puzzles were thrown at her during the personal interview. She settles for the role of a Ph.D scholar under the grumpy professor, Dr. Moorthy consoling herself that she was meant for research. Her days were spent amidst whirring CPUs and a fellow research scholar, Dheeraj who constantly abuses Dr. Moorthy for being hard on him every time. Their professor was notorious for striking their assignments with his signature red pen. Dheeraj is driven to his wit’s end when the professor gave him some discrete mathematics problems and asked him to come up with simplest solution. Amudha and Dheeraj find their solution in an abandoned book store. What catches Amudha’s fancy is a Tamil poem scribbled behind a Discrete Mathematics text book written by the author L V Sreenivasan. The issue manifests itself as an intriguing puzzle and Amudha is determined to find answers to its existence.

‘Magic Squares’ is a fast and a racy read that will play games with your mind. The journey towards the end transformed Amudha to a confused person to one who has found a purpose in life. As the story moves forward, lots of twists and turns are thrown your way for you to rack your brains. I liked the analogy of life to an optimisation problem. Amudha’s uncertainty in life is relatable. At one or the other point we find ourselves in her shoes. She emerges as the winner after conquering her fears and innermost inhibitions.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Magic Square

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