Book Review – ‘Four Blocks Wide’

A little girl goes missing.
A newly married couple find themselves in unnerving circumstances.
A girl finds her true calling.
A boy travelling in a train encounters magic.

Book Review – ‘Magic Square’

'Magic Squares' is a fast and a racy read that will play games with your mind. Amudha's pursuit of truth will fuel your curiosity.

Series Review – ‘It’s all About Love’

'It's all about love' is an anthology of seven stories. They are short, concise and full of love.

Book Review – ‘Life is the Flower, Love is the Honey’

'Life is the flower, Love is the Honey' is a book which serves as a reminder that it is never too late to live your dreams. It encourages everyone to shed his/her inhibitions and apprehensions to work towards the greater good.