Book Review – ‘Magic Square’

'Magic Squares' is a fast and a racy read that will play games with your mind. Amudha's pursuit of truth will fuel your curiosity.

Book Review – ‘Into the Great Heart’

'Into the Great Heart' presents a slice of Sikhism that will take you back to your spiritual roots. The legends surrounding the Sikh Guru were revived to its glory.

Book Review – ‘Rootless’

Recently, I have been reading a lot on Partition and communal riots. I was able to deduce that there was unrest on both sides regardless of their religion. People were very much attached to their homes. For them, it was not a mere structure of stones and bricks but an abode of beautiful memories. Love and humanity still penetrated through barbed wires.

'Rootless' is a riveting story that narrates what conspired the events leading to Liberation War of 1971 and its impact at present on the lives of people in West Bengal and Bangladesh.

Book Review – ‘Whisperings of a Common Man’

'Whisperings of a Common Man' is an anthology of 20 poems mainly related to life and human behaviour. The title is synonymous to one of the purposes of  poetry which is emoting the deepest inhibitions and fantasies of an individual.

Book Review – ‘Letters to my Ex’

'Letters to my Ex' is a poignant memoir of a relationship, that has become a beautiful memory of the past.