Stoned: The Untold Story of CO-Weed20′

‘Stoned’ is a delightful concoction of realism, science fiction, fantasy, music and philosophy. Something that will smack your head or even make you smile.

Book Review – ‘Bestseller’

'Bestseller' is a light hearted read about the happenings in a publishing house narrated in a sarcastic tone. The eloquent and crisp writing made it a compelling read.

Book Review – ‘Dissected’

Tazo arrives in a medical college in Damsar, with dreams and aspirations in his eyes. What he doesn't know is that he will be surrounded by a mêlée of quirky characters that would make his life easy or a burden to bear for the next five years?

Read my review of a witty slice of life medical drama.

Book Review: ’65 Colours of Rainbow’

'65 colours of Rainbow' is a collection of 65 hilarious anecdotes straight from the expanses of a corporate cubical. For the employees caged in the glass structures, small moments of joy provide them much needed respite from the looming deadlines and other work related stress. In short, the book is a bubble of the hustling corporate life.

Book Review – ‘Castles in the Air’

'Castles in the air ' speaks about the perks and perils of the profession of architecture in a tongue in cheek manner. This book also serves as a reminder for aspiring architects who just see the good aspects of this profession while building castles in air.