To the Teacher who Taught me the most,


“You? Viva? Viva is only for smart people. You can leave”

Your cold remarks made my insides shiver more than the air conditioner on blast.In addition to that, they garnered me some awkward glances and hushed comments. That day, I felt the world slip beneath my feet, the tears frozen at the corner of my eyes.I dreaded coming to college every single day lest similar thing will happen to me again.

Mind you, this was one of the many incidents that followed which included taunts, glaring stares and what not.

After this, I thought that coals of anger will form within me and I’ll aim daggers when you passed by. But to my surprise, nothing of that sort happened.

Whatever you taught in the class was blurred by shame and sadness, the happenings of that day playing in my ears like a broken record. You ended up giving me lessons that I’ll probably cherish in my life.

You were a reminder to me of how harsh and cruel can the world be. You taught me that no matter how worse the situation is, letting go is a part of gathering the pieces to form a better version of ourselves. Hatred serves no purpose but self destruction. Thanks to you, the bridges were broken back home. I grew closer with my folks due to the grief inflicted by you.

I still escape to my hiding hole when you come in my line of sight. Someday when I become ‘smart’ enough, I will look at you in the eye and mutter a ‘Thank You’ with half smile.

Your former student,


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110 thoughts on “To the Teacher who Taught me the most,

  1. Cloud and Sunshine says:

    Teachers do teach us one thing or the other either way. I am so sorry you had to go through this but I think he/she added a unique hue to the rainbow of your personality.

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  2. johnstonselagems says:

    I’ve been a teacher for 20 years, and I’m always driven by this: When I asked my high school counselor for the application for a particular college I wanted to go to, she responded, “That’s a very hard school to get into.” I asked for the application anyway, filled it out, got into that school, and spent 3 1/2 great years studying there. But what if I had listened to her? What if I had let her kill my dream with those 8 thoughtless words? That experience has helped me to see things through my students’ eyes countless times. I know I have probably inadvertently hurt some feelings, but I have never done it knowingly. I don’t want to be the dream killer!

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