The Reality Show


A bespectacled kid comes on the stage, constantly fidgeting with the corner of his shirt. He stumbles during his introduction.The judges doubt his capabilities.

The mother is in the backstage, looking at him with a mixed feeling of nervousness and pride.The show’s host is holding her hand supportively.

The studio lights are on him, he sings the first line “When I had you”
The judge wear a look of shock and surprise on their faces.The audience is astonished and are cheering for him.He nails the rest of the song.

The judges are impressed and press the coveted ‘Golden Buzzer’. There is a thunderous applause.

The mother and son hug each other, tears flowing from their eyes.

“How dramatic?!” someone exclaims.I smile at this.A knowing smile.
Reality shows are the place where the reality is cleverly enwrapped in boisterous glamour.From a daily wage worker to a corporate employee everyone tries their hand at them. The show provides them the much needed launch pad to redeem their life. Some of the contestants become celebrities overnight while others remain a one show wonder. Regardless of their fame, their life changes for good. But their stories remain the same.

Stories have always fascinated me.Each one of us have a story coursing through our veins that is oblivious to the world outside. We guard them closely in our hearts, until we find an outlet to vent them out.

The contestants showcasing their talent along with the narration of their beginnings have inspired me for years. Their stories are the reason for me to strive hard and believe in the power of dreams. We, the dreamers swear by their examples and take the plunge, all in the name of our dreams. They are a fragile string of hope that we cling on to, not letting it go. The stars are far from our reach but this reality feels a lot more closer.

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28 thoughts on “The Reality Show

  1. rashimital says:

    I dont like reality shows for n number of reasons. But, somehow, your post gave these shows a soft corner, something nice about them. Reality shows are good, of course but for me the cons will always dominate the pros. #LiveItYoungReads #MyFriendAlexa

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kati 👩🏻 (@KatisBRR15) says:

    I don’t watch reality shows but I do watch shows like The Voice, American Got Talent etc on YouTube, because I really do love hearing about the contestants stories as well. There have seen a couple of videos on YouTube about the contestants stories that I am literally bawling my eyes out. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing post.


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