Book Review – ‘Love Beyond 22 Yards’


Book Cover – ‘Love Beyond 22 Yards’

Author: Sourabh Mukherjee

Publication date: 25 May 2018

Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors

Language: English




Bollywood and Cricket, the two religions that unite Indians across the globe. When they come together, the attraction is magnetic. Through the years, heroes on the field have been bowled over by silver screen goddesses. Some of them broke conventions and defied societal norms. Love Beyond 22 Yards is a collection of immortal, true love stories between cricketers andBollywood divas, who dared to fight against the world for their love.


Love blossoming between a cricketer and a actor is not something unheard of. Some of these relationships have stood against testing times while some of them have succumbed to the will of destiny.

‘Love Beyond 22 Yards’ brings you real life stories of people who defied all the norms and boundaries even at the extent of sacrificing their careers, all in the name of love.

Celebrities in their own right, even they were not spared by the familial pressure and the boundaries set by the society.

The writing style is biographical in nature. The author has included some interesting trivia in the narrative that will engage cricket and Bollywood fans alike. In some places he has taken creative liberty and created scenes just to showcase the gist of their relationship to the readers. The narration was balanced between their personal and professional lives and in any way did not veer the attention away from their career achievements.

This book is something that ardent Bollywood and cricket fans will definitely cherish.

If you liked what you are reading right now, click on the link below to buy the e-book.
Love Beyond 22 Yards




20 thoughts on “Book Review – ‘Love Beyond 22 Yards’

  1. you wouldn’t think it would be a bit deal for two people to fall in love, but when you are in the spotlight that might be another story


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