Book Review – ‘Connecting with Yourself’

It is very important to take a step back in our life to introspect, why we behave the way we do and remain true to our purpose. 

Book Review – ‘Table for One’

Traveling is much more than having fun, in fact it gives you much needed room for rejuvenation and introspection. Solitude teaches us to love yourself a little more and accept the way you are and sometimes, to let go. 'Table for One' leaves you with a warm and a mushy feeling but in a good way. Amid walking with classy people, bumping into strangers, will Taara ever find her 'forever' at the landmark of love? The plot is riveting that you want to turn the pages to relive the moments. There are so many minor characters who have less screen time, nevertheless they leave an impression on you with their quirky personalities.

Book Review – ‘God Won’t Help’

The entire story is about Shiv and Jim popularly called 'Candyman' indulging in a dialogue about God and basic truth of life. The lines in the book were poignant and profound. Some of them will tug at your heart strings while the others will hit you hard.

Book Review – ‘My True Angel’

The institution of marriage is sacred. The people involved in it have to uphold its sanctity. Most of the time, the responsibility is shouldered on the girl for this. Both the boy's and the girl's opinion should be heard for a match. I appreciate the author for making this point in the book.

Book Review – ‘The Blue Moon Day’

The Blue Moon Day is an anthology of short stories. The stories though diverse, are connected by the frailties of life.

Book Review – ‘I Shall Always Love You’

People often see the sensuality in erotic paintings/sculptures but overlook the art and hard work the artist has put to carve an alluring piece of art. I'm glad author has put forth this theory to effective use in the book.

Book Review: ’65 Colours of Rainbow’

'65 colours of Rainbow' is a collection of 65 hilarious anecdotes straight from the expanses of a corporate cubical. For the employees caged in the glass structures, small moments of joy provide them much needed respite from the looming deadlines and other work related stress. In short, the book is a bubble of the hustling corporate life.

Book Review – ‘A New Dawn’

'A New Dawn' will teach you to love selflessly and believe in the power of dreams. This short and sweet read accompanied with a warm blanket and hot cuppa makes for a perfect weekend.

Book Review – ‘Love Beyond 22 Yards’

'Love Beyond 22 Yards' brings you real life stories of people who defied all the norms and boundaries even at the extent of sacrificing their careers, all in the name of love.