When Love Sticks Around

‘When Love Sticks Around’ is a collection of essays recounting the memories of love, hope and joy in dire times. The key takeaway of this book is to cherish each moment of life no matter how mundane it is and sometimes learn to let go or to quote Danielle’s late mother - “These are the most important moments”

An Ode I Owed

An Ode I Owed is a poetry anthology dedicated to life. Humour, sarcasm and love being the colours of life.

Cadeau of Love and Hope

'Cadeau of Love & Hope' comprises of micro-poems on life that follow a rhyme scheme. The message of the anthology is how to use the gifts of love and hope to overcome odds in life.

Book Review – ‘Only The Good Die Young’

'Only the good die young' shows the dark side of the advertising industry amidst the glitz and glamour surrounding it. The story is narrated by the characters, each having their own side of truth.

A Jar of Pebbles

A Jar of Pebbles' is an anthology which celebrates the spirit of ordinary in extraordinary ways. Pebbles represent the anecdotes and the jar personifies life itself. It was interesting to view life from the perspective of 80s especially during times like these.