Book Review – ‘Emotions and Elation’


Book Cover – ‘Emotions and Elation’

Author: Banani Das Dhar

Pages: 69

Publisher: HALF BAKED BEANS (4 June 2018)

ASIN: B07DHB9521


Each expectant mother goes through a different journey, each relationship with the unborn child special. This book is a piece of my soul. It does not aim to be a guidebook but is a detailed journal of my beautiful journey. Yes, my body went through a tremendous transformation and not every moment was as smooth as I thought it to be. What started out as a period of pampering and feasting was soon overshadowed by bouts of miserable times as well. A long separation from my husband and a gnawing loneliness marred my joy. I want to take you on an emotional ride, one that touched every nerve of my being. a joy that has to be experienced to be believed. welcome to my world !

Review and Rating

A frantic Banani rushes to the washroom with the home pregnancy test kit awaiting the appearance of two lines. Her joy knew no bounds when they appeared after what seemed like an eternity. She and her husband, Subhashish celebrate this joyous occasion. But their happiness is short lived as Banani’s father-in-law passes away owing to an illness. Her husband, rushes to their home town to perform the last rites leaving Banani in Bangalore. As much as she was grief stricken, it was increasingly difficult for her to live without her husband. His arrival was celebrated with gusto. Unfortunately this was one of the first troubles they had to endure. What followed later was a series of raging hormones that made her crave for extra love and attention. Subhashish like a loyal husband, keeps up with her tantrums and continuously pampers her with love and care.

‘Emotions and Elation’ is not a book pondering over the do’s and don’ts during pregnancy. It is a honest and heartfelt account of a women and her husband who experience surge of emotions whilst welcoming a bundle of joy in their life.

The cover is elegance personified. The language of the book is kept simple so that pregnant women and mothers can easily relate to the instances.The active involvement of her husband has to be lauded. He goes out of his way to fulfill her demands however unreasonable they are. A pregnant woman undergoes a lot of changes both physically and mentally. The feelings of exaltation and uncertainty she endured during the time of pregnancy is well articulated in words. The joy she felt when her baby kicked, her craving for junk food, her emotional outbursts during the first trimester, the eager wait for the appearance of her baby’s face during sonography are some of the events chronicling the nine month period described at great length. The wanderlust spirits they both are, you will feel as though you are a part of their numerous escapades. As the day of the delivery draws near, your heart beats will be racing with anticipation and joy.


Like what you are reading? Click on the links below to buy the book. It is available in both e-book and paperback formats.

  • Paperback

Emotions and Elation

  • E-book

Emotions and Elation: A Pregnancy Memoir


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