Book Review – ‘The Friend’

Sometimes in life it so happens that, a person comes waltzing in your life bringing hope and happiness. Time passes swiftly in their presence and your life seems a bit more bearable as there is someone to share the load. But can you entrust the bridle of your life to anyone?

Book Review – ‘Beneath the Eyes’

The book 'Beneath the Eyes' will definitely cater to the target audience of horror and sci-fi lovers. This one will definitely prove to be a guaranteed new experience.

Book Review – ‘The Blue Jinx’

Nikhil, a interior consultant had finally got an opportunity to work on big project after a long time. His client, Hemant invited him to stay in his Nasik bungalow to study about its interiors. During his stay, he witnesses a lot of strange things happening around him and also escapes a near to death experience. Everyone around him except Samara (Hemant's daughter) assumes him to have lost his senses. Was it Nikhil's imagination? or Was a spirit using him as a medium?

Book Review – ‘Strangers with known faces’

Our personality witnesses a lot of changes in our lifetime. We often wear our personalities as a masquerade and wear different variants of them depending on the people we are surrounded with.

Book Review – ‘The Colours of Passion’

One of the best books of the year. Layers of thrill and suspense loaded with the flavours of Kolkata.

Book Review – ‘You Never Know’

'You Never Know' is a good fast paced one time read. Go, for it if, you are looking for something new to read in the romance genre.

Book Review – ‘The Three Psychos’

'The Three Psychos' is a quick read. If you are a fan of thrillers, but don't have the luxury of time right now to unravel the complex web of characters in them, this is the right book for you.