Book Review – ‘Into the Great Heart’

'Into the Great Heart' presents a slice of Sikhism that will take you back to your spiritual roots. The legends surrounding the Sikh Guru were revived to its glory.

Book Review – ‘God Won’t Help’

The entire story is about Shiv and Jim popularly called 'Candyman' indulging in a dialogue about God and basic truth of life. The lines in the book were poignant and profound. Some of them will tug at your heart strings while the others will hit you hard.

Book Review – ‘Mango People in Banana Republic’

Experience a rollercoaster ride of love, betrayal, spiritual awakening amidst the clash of ideologies in the land divided on countless social identities.

Book Review – ‘Reminiscences of A Seeker: Dark Face Of A White World’

'Reminiscences of A Seeker: Dark Face Of A White World' by Kapil Kumar Bhaskar is a fascinating account of author's personal experiences with the spiritual world!