A Slice of Life: Every person has a story

What may seem on the surface maybe completely different from reality. A Slice of Life: Every person has a story is a short story anthology that serves as a reminder of that statement.

A Jar of Pebbles

A Jar of Pebbles' is an anthology which celebrates the spirit of ordinary in extraordinary ways. Pebbles represent the anecdotes and the jar personifies life itself. It was interesting to view life from the perspective of 80s especially during times like these.

Book Review – ‘Four Blocks Wide’

A little girl goes missing.
A newly married couple find themselves in unnerving circumstances.
A girl finds her true calling.
A boy travelling in a train encounters magic.

Book Review – ‘Between the Pages’

People around us have a story coursing through their veins that is oblivious to the world outside. They guard them closely in their hearts until they find an outlet to vent them out. We all become stories when we die, the prominent ones, on their way to be locked in books for eternity. Some stories remain unsaid, while others may be a part of someone elses tale.