Book Review – ‘Whisperings of a Common Man’

'Whisperings of a Common Man' is an anthology of 20 poems mainly related to life and human behaviour. The title is synonymous to one of the purposes of  poetry which is emoting the deepest inhibitions and fantasies of an individual.

Book Review – ‘Making A Poem’

'Making A Poem' is an anthology of eloquent poems that speak about the process of constructing a verse from scratch.

She is the one

You are an ordinary lady, With traces of beauty on your face But plenty in your heart. I run my hands over the lines on your face, which were formed due to years of taking care of me. You pull me to an embrace. I feel the warmth of the summer, care of the autumn … Continue reading She is the one

Pen vs Sword

You had not done anything wrong You had just penned your stream of thoughts on the paper When a sword hovered on your head You defended yourself with nothing, but a pen The tip soaked in blood instead of ink But it still shone more than the sword Sword pierced your heart and blood oozed … Continue reading Pen vs Sword