Book Review – ‘To Naddiya’

The beautiful soul that Durjoy was, his earnestness found a place within me. I smiled with him when he was happy, grieved with him when Nadiya didn't reciprocate his love. Nadiya was a woman who looked at a person with her eyes pierced into their soul yet had her own imperfections which Durjoy embraced gracefully.

Book Review – ‘And We Walked Away’

Sometimes life can be an entangled mess. In spite of that live it to the fullest lest it slips from your fingers like grains of sand. The damage caused by love is irreparable. You feel entrapped in a self-created cocoon surrounded by myriad emotions.

Book Review – ‘You Came like Hope’

'You Came Like Hope' is a poignant tale of how love and hope can lighten someone's life and make it a little more bearable

Book Review – ‘Table for One’

Traveling is much more than having fun, in fact it gives you much needed room for rejuvenation and introspection. Solitude teaches us to love yourself a little more and accept the way you are and sometimes, to let go. 'Table for One' leaves you with a warm and a mushy feeling but in a good way. Amid walking with classy people, bumping into strangers, will Taara ever find her 'forever' at the landmark of love? The plot is riveting that you want to turn the pages to relive the moments. There are so many minor characters who have less screen time, nevertheless they leave an impression on you with their quirky personalities.

Book Review – ‘I Shall Always Love You’

People often see the sensuality in erotic paintings/sculptures but overlook the art and hard work the artist has put to carve an alluring piece of art. I'm glad author has put forth this theory to effective use in the book.

Book Review – ‘A New Dawn’

'A New Dawn' will teach you to love selflessly and believe in the power of dreams. This short and sweet read accompanied with a warm blanket and hot cuppa makes for a perfect weekend.

Book Review – ‘Love A Little Stronger’

'Love A Little Stronger' by Preeti Shenoy is a book that ought to be on your bed side when you are braving the storms. It will reaffirm your faith that the storm will pass and the skies will be clear soon.

Book Review – ‘Whisperings of a Common Man’

'Whisperings of a Common Man' is an anthology of 20 poems mainly related to life and human behaviour. The title is synonymous to one of the purposes of  poetry which is emoting the deepest inhibitions and fantasies of an individual.

Cover Reveal – ‘My Love is away from Mortality’ by Vansh Arora

On this World Book Day, I present to you the cover of the book 'My Love is Away From Mortality'

Book Review – ‘The Perfect Drug’

Author:¬†Chaitanya Saini Publisher: Pakshi Publication Publication date: 1 Jan 2018 ISBN-10: 9353004519 ISBN-13: 978-9353004514 Blurb: Buddha meditated for six years, and Shiva had his mountain. Could there be a drug that might induce enlightenment? A substance that could cause us to attain a heightened state of consciousness, the gaining of a perspective that perforates this … Continue reading Book Review – ‘The Perfect Drug’