Book Review – ‘Connecting with Yourself’

It is very important to take a step back in our life to introspect, why we behave the way we do and remain true to our purpose. 

Book Review – ‘God Won’t Help’

The entire story is about Shiv and Jim popularly called 'Candyman' indulging in a dialogue about God and basic truth of life. The lines in the book were poignant and profound. Some of them will tug at your heart strings while the others will hit you hard.

Book Review – ‘The Blue Moon Day’

The Blue Moon Day is an anthology of short stories. The stories though diverse, are connected by the frailties of life.

Book Review – ‘The Big Switch’

'The Big Switch' narrates the life of Keith Kurien, primarily focusing on the various things he had to endure to fulfill his goals. It urges us to follow our heart and march in the pursuit of our true calling.

Book Review – ‘Stand Strong’

'Stand Strong' projects a new perspective on life and offers insights on overcoming various challenges thrown at us. It also emphasises how lessons of Ramayana can be implemented in real life.The book doesn't glorify a specific religion but rather preaches the teachings of the epic.