Book Review – ‘Life is the Flower, Love is the Honey’

'Life is the flower, Love is the Honey' is a book which serves as a reminder that it is never too late to live your dreams. It encourages everyone to shed his/her inhibitions and apprehensions to work towards the greater good.

Book Review – ‘The Big Switch’

'The Big Switch' narrates the life of Keith Kurien, primarily focusing on the various things he had to endure to fulfill his goals. It urges us to follow our heart and march in the pursuit of our true calling.

Book Review – ‘If You Never Try, You Will Never Know’´╗┐

This book will make you believe in the soothing effect of love and power of dreams.

Of Dreams and Nightmares

Poem about a girl trapped amidst the crowd of scornful faces, hushed voices, ogling eyes and boisterous laughter´╗┐.