A Slice of Life: Every person has a story

What may seem on the surface maybe completely different from reality. A Slice of Life: Every person has a story is a short story anthology that serves as a reminder of that statement.

An Ode I Owed

An Ode I Owed is a poetry anthology dedicated to life. Humour, sarcasm and love being the colours of life.

Soft Glimmers and Shining Stars

'Soft Glimmers and Shining Stars' directs the readers towards a glimmer of hope in dark alleys and compels one to re-think life. At dire times like these, this poetry collection is a warm hug and a soft nudge to those who have lost motivation in the sea of life.

Sixty Years from Now

The poems in 'Sixty Years From Now' are profound and follow different styles with focused themes. The themes covered are vast, spanning over love, guilt, hope, philosophy and the socio-economic fabric of the world at large.

Book Review – ‘Sumit The Brave Heart’

'Sumit The Brave Heart' chronicles the life of Sumit Shekhar, his grit, determination and enthusiasm towards day to day activities. This book also aims to create awareness about a lesser known chronic illness.