Author Interview – Danielle Dayney

"When you support independent authors, you are supporting independent publishers. And to any aspiring authors, please keep writing. Don’t give up. Write the bad stuff so the good stuff can come to the surface and breathe. " - Danielle Dayney

Author Interview – Poopesh Kumar

"Never stop loving and never abandon hope. In a world full of hatred and jealousy, let us provide love and hope to everyone we come across." - Poopesh Kumar

Author Interview – Daniel Kelly

A candid conversation with author Daniel Kelly where he talks about his love for Greek Mythology, growing up in Ireland and his work 'Heroes of Troy'.

Cover Reveal and Author Interview – Kevin Missal

In conversation with Kevin Missal where he talks about his process of writing, his love for author Rick Riordan among other things.

Author Interview – Amit Joshi

In conversation with author and corporate trainer, Amit Joshi where he talks about freelancing, its benefits, pitfalls, among other things.