Cadeau of Love and Hope

'Cadeau of Love & Hope' comprises of micro-poems on life that follow a rhyme scheme. The message of the anthology is how to use the gifts of love and hope to overcome odds in life.

Book Review – ‘The Anchored Boat and Other Poems’

'The Anchored Boat' is a metaphor for life and in the case of this collection, the word 'anchor' refers to nature. There is always something to learn from nature and its inhabitants. That was my key takeaway from this poetry collection.

Pilgrims – A collection

‘Pilgrims - A Collection’ describes the journey of the writer in free verse form. The verses refer to a significant phase that brought a change, albeit a spiritual one in case of the author.

Series Review – ‘It’s all About Love’

'It's all about love' is an anthology of seven stories. They are short, concise and full of love.

Book Review – ’15/1 Story Avenue’

'15/1 Story Avenue' is an anthology not restricted to a particular genre. The right blend of genres like love, thriller, humour, sci-fi makes it a pleasant read.