Author Interview – Danielle Dayney

Introduce yourself to the audience.

Hello, my name is Danielle Dayney, and I am the author of the coming of age memoir, When Love Sticks Around. I live in Virginia with my husband, two daughters, and two doodles (those are dogs, for those who don’t know).

What was your approach while writing a non-fiction book?

That’s a good question. Usually the ideas for stories come to me at random times, like blow-drying my hair or washing fruit. I usually jot it down before I have the chance to forget it, then the next morning I will do a brain map of sorts to figure out which details come to the surface while thinking about my story idea. Once I have my brain map on paper, then I start writing.

How do you manage to write in different styles such as non-fiction, fiction and poetry?

I float back and forth between the three whenever I’m stuck with something. Although nonfiction is my favorite, I like how the mind can wander with poetry and fiction.

Writing a non-fiction book is difficult as you are baring your heart to your audience. How do you decide which aspect of your life to disclose and which one to not?

I think the trick with writing a good memoir is being as honest as I can be, which means keeping all the aspects out there. The only time I ever decide not to disclose something is when I’m trying to protect a family member or a friend. When that happens I usually change the name or tiny details, but nothing major.

Apart from being an author, you also blog regularly. How do you plan your posts and manage to remain consistent?

I wish I could be more consistent on my blog, but I have fallen behind with regular posts ever since I decided to write book-length projects. My hope is that when the first book launches I can make my way back to blogging at least once a month.

What compelled you to write your non-fiction book – ‘When Love Sticks Around’?

I initially wrote some of these stories to understand the grief I experienced when I lost my mom, but the more I wrote and shared with blog followers and friends, the more connected I felt to everyone around me. My life has not been extraordinary by any stretch of the imagination, but I have experienced heartache, loss, love, and life, which is a common thread in us all. I want anyone who reads When Love Sticks Around to feel that connection, that common thread, and know that they are not alone. 

How did you manage to find a suitable publisher for your book – ‘When Love Sticks Around’?

When looking for publishers, I researched. I only submitted my book to publishers that accepted books in the memoir genre. I probably submitted to fifty publishers, but at this point I can’t remember the exact number anymore. When I submitted When Love Sticks Around to Brandylane Publishers, I was really hopeful that they would accept my book. They are in my home state, so I felt a connection to them before even speaking to them. I really loved that they were a small press and cared so much about each of their authors. As it turns out, they have been great partners in the creation of the finished book. 

Any parting message for your audience.

I would love to say thank you to anyone who decides to purchase and read my memoir. When you support independent authors, you are supporting independent publishers. And to any aspiring authors, please keep writing. Don’t give up. Write the bad stuff so the good stuff can come to the surface and breathe.

“This is a tour-stop helmed by The BookScenes Tours for the book ‘When Love Sticks Around’ “

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