How to be a Writer

“I am a fortunate person. For nearly 70 years, I have been able to make a living by doing what I enjoy most: writing”

It’s a pleasure to read non-fiction books by Ruskin Bond who’s one of the most celebrated writers of India. Like many books which are categorised in Children’s Literature, this book is not for children but for aspiring writers and yes, Ruskin Bond’s fans.

“That last quality may not seem important, but you need it on your literary journey – persistence in the face of failure, in the indifference of the world at large, during hard times and periods of ill health”

Ruskin Bond while emphasizing Persistence as a quality for aspiring writers.

‘How to be a Writer’ is laden with wisdom and incomparable humour. It also gives a brief about the writing styles of prominent literary figures. The short length is to cherish it to the fullest and pick it again, when you feel stuck as a writer. Ruskin Bond fondly talks about his inspirations and how some of them influenced his works. Somerset Maugham, Charles Dickens, R.K Narayan, Rabindranath Tagore, Munshi Premchand, Gerome K Gerome, Lewis Carroll, George Orwell, Agatha Christie and many more find a mention.

Indeed, a great writer is an avid reader at heart.

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