Love Among The Bookshelves

“I hereby confess that I am in love with books, and bookshelves are good places to keep them, if not hide them.”

Ruskin Bond on books
The book - Love Among the Bookshelves is placed on a e-reader on a notebook near a beige blanket which is on a white sheet beside a cup of coffee.

The title – ‘Love among the bookshelves’ is an ode to P.G Wodehouse’s work – ‘Love Among the Chickens’. Ruskin Bond turned to Maugham for his dose of realism and P.G. Wodehouse, for humour. There is a mention of an interesting fact on how H.E Bates was addressed as Miss Bates because of his in-depth understanding of women.

I got to read a new piece from literature every time I turned the pages and understand the styles of Somerset Maugham, Lewis Carol, P.G Wodehouse and how they influenced Ruskin Bond’s early and later works.

Ruskin Bond reminisces his time in England visiting the places mentioned in famous literary works and his short stint with Thomas & Cook. Besides this, there are snippets from his childhood days on how he despised hunting and an interesting trivia on how he stayed all night to read ‘Wuthering Heights’ compelled by its ‘intensity of the writing’ and ‘the passion and conflict’

Filled with anecdotes, interesting trivia and passages from Ruskin Bond’s favourite works – ‘Love Among the Bookshelves’ is a collector’s delight. It also brushes upon his life in England as a thriving writer.

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