Soft Glimmers and Shining Stars

“The primary purpose of the book is to move its readers allowing them to be softer and kinder to themselves as well as bringing out in them their latent star”

Nikita Munshi on writing ‘Soft Glimmers & Shining Stars’

I was piqued by what the book has to offer from the very beginning because the initial poetic pieces took me on a beautiful journey.

“Whatever might be your calling

Move towards it, even if it’s at the pace of crawling”

The micro-poems follow a rhyme scheme and repetition format. The conversational tone strikes a chord with the readers and it seems as if the poet wants to communicate with them.

“You are a woman,

The strongest of them all,

A firewall for some and for others a fireball”

The pink and golden cover radiates positivity. The poetic pieces are realistic and concern with career, mental health, love, hope, ambition, heartbreak, unrequited love, feminism etc. The respective themes were handled delicately. Poems about an unnamed muse was a delight to read. The descriptive pieces transform one into the lap of nature. The simple line art blends well with each poetic piece. The comparisons were interesting, especially that compared a broken heart to a seed. And another one, where the emotion of love is compared to different hues of the sky. Sometimes I found myself turning the pages to re-live the emotions I felt whilst reading the poems.

“Fix your hair

& Mend your heart

Before you go out

Looking for a fresh start”

Like its purpose ‘Soft Glimmers & Shining Stars’ directs the readers towards a glimmer of hope in dark alleys and compels one to re-think life. At dire times like these, this poetry collection is a warm hug and a soft nudge to those who have lost motivation in the sea of life.

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