Sixty Years from Now

“While writing many of these, I have gone back in my life and tried to reexamine it from both the sides – Wonderment & love of the youth, revelations on Life and Spirituality of the later age in a way that connects all of us”

Amit Radha Krishna Nigam on writing ‘Sixty Years From Now
The book - 'Sixty Years From Now' is placed on wooden table beside a blue up and an e-reader.

The poems in ‘Sixty Years From Now’ are profound and follow different styles with focused themes. The themes covered are vast, spanning over love, guilt, hope, philosophy and the socio-economic fabric of the world at large.

The anthology is divided into sections namely –

i) Perusal of Self
ii) Love Reparations
iii) World Times
iv) The Reckoning

The poems in the earlier parts are heavily influenced by the poet’s personal life and are strung with a thread of hope. The verses talk about feelings of guilt on not reciprocating a mother’s love, kinship and feeling of hope in an unknown land etc. A particular piece about a know-it-all grandmother who owns the world ‘as her body owns its thin chest’ stood out for me in these sections.

“And the moments that graced my memory for years like a war cry finally fade away like a musical epiphany”

“Fame is a fickle, fickle food,a brief ride on a wild spree.”

There was unbridled passion in which the poetic pieces were written. A series of micro-poems that described the scenic beauty of popular landmarks were remarkable. The poet fondly reminisces the time spent with his ancestors and documents it with a touch of spirituality. One of the poems in which the letters in the English alphabet were reimagined was a delight to read.

“How is that I am a poet without a drink ever tasted?” People ask

When the pain takes off its aprons and masks,it is a tragedy for me, not an inspiration”

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