Book Review – ‘The Anchored Boat and Other Poems’

‘The Anchored Boat’ is a metaphor for life and in the case of this collection, the word ‘anchor’ refers to nature. Her thoughts often ponder over men in uniform, the endurance of mother earth and the strength of the river underneath the bridge. She reveres maternal figures in her life and cherishes the little time spent with them.

“She opened her bosom and tried her best,
She hugged and embraced drops with pleasure”

The poetess has a close bond with nature. She steals time during her routine to observe the sunrise, the clouds and the moon. Pratima fondly recollects these moments and describes them with the innocence of a child.

“So what if I had observed many before,
I always knew,
That each one was unique”

She feels that text messages are ‘cryptic and terse’ devoid of emotions and longs to receive handwritten letters. The painting after each piece renders a vivid image whilst reading.

“I miss those greeting cards, which ushered my new years,
Promising them to be as colourful as cards themselves”

The poetic pieces are written in free verse format but most of them follow a rhyme scheme. There was a point in the middle where the theme and the vocabulary became monotonous but there were poems towards the end that really held my interest. One of them was her analogy on a popular saying – ‘Child is the Father of the man’

There is always something to learn from nature and its inhabitants. That was my key takeaway from this poetry collection.

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