Pilgrims – A collection

“Who will contemplate my words, to knit them into ponderable thoughts?”

Pilgrims – A collection

‘Pilgrims – An Anthology’ describes the journey of the writer in free verse form. The verses refer to a significant phase that brought a change, albeit a spiritual one in case of the author. They chronicle the emotions experienced by him whilst grieving for a lost life, rekindling an old love and reminiscing fond memories of his maternal figures.

The narrator derives inspiration from everything that surrounds him including silence. He contemplates what would happen to his words if he were gone. Being a spiritual soul, he summons the Apostles to be their caretakers.  In one of the poetry pieces, the author compares a mother’s tears to that of a pearl and how he tied them around his neck while feeling guilt. Some poetry pieces view trivial things in a rather humorous way.

Towards the end, the autobiographical nature shifts to the author flexing his creative muscles in describing popular mythical tales. My personal favourites were the ones in which the legends of Harishschandra and Shabari are retold in a beautiful way. The timestamp mentioned below every piece connects the reader and writer in some ways. This anthology may seem like a short and quick read but the pieces have a great amount of depth. They are profound just like teachings of life.

“Hope: the light of the weakest, and the story of the strongest, I learned.”

Pilgrims – A collection

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