Book Review – ‘Into the Great Heart’


Author: Kamla K Kapur
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Publication date: 22 Jul 2018
Book length: 300
ISBN-10: 9387944107
ISBN-13: 978-9387944107


Into the Great Heart carries forward and concludes the stories of Guru Nanak and Bhai Mardana, his favourite minstrel, from the first volume of the Sikh saga, The Singing Guru. History, legend and fiction merge to populate this book with fascinating personalities from Sikh history. Pivotal to this narrative are forgotten female luminaries such as Guru Nanak’s wife, Mata Sulakhni, his sister, Bebe Nanaki, Bhai Lehna’s wife, Khivi and daughter Amro. Brought to the foreground, their wisdom and insights as they overcome obstacles to spiritual growth embody the basic tenets of Sikhism in everyday living. They enhance Guru Nanak and Bhai Lehna’s tale with their diverse approach to life.

Filled with captivating characters that enrich the tapestry of this compelling narrative, Into the Great Heart is a must-read for anyone who loves a rich story about human nature in its search for spiritual awareness.


Amid the domestic feud in the Nanak family between his sons Shri Chand and Lakhmi on the successorship to the supreme throne, a man relatively unknown to everyone arrives in Kartarpur, the Sikh capital . Known to be a priest in Mahakali’s temple and her ardent devotee, he surrendered himself by dancing to the songs singing her glory. One fine day he was so enraptured by a song sung by his friend, Jodha he abandoned his pilgrimage mid way and went on a pursuit of the poet to unmask the meaning of the couplets.

‘Into the Great Heart’ presents a slice of Sikhism that will take you back to your spiritual roots. The legends surrounding the Sikh Guru were revived to its glory.


The story was off to a slow start but after a significant turn of events gradually picked pace. The narration was smooth and flowing. It had a lyrical quality to it.

The ornamental language is perfect for mythological setting. In the course of reading, I realised that folks dating back to the era especially women were progressive. Lot of life lessons are interweaved in the main plot.
The devotion of Bhai Lehna towards Guru Nanak, the ordeal of his wife Maata Sulakhni at the plight of her sons was well articulated in words. I liked Buddha’s and Bebe Nanaki’s characters. Buddha was wise beyond his years. Bebe Nanaki was a motherly figure who tied Nanak’s otherwise tumbling family together.The footnotes given at the end were helpful to understand the words in a different language.

This book evoked my curiosity to dwell deeper into the Sikh way of life. Nothing felt over glorified or preachy, rather it emphasised on the gender neutrality of the Supreme Being.

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Into the Great Heart

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Into the Great Heart

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