A Tribute to a Legend

“Why do you care so much when a lead singer of a band dies?”

“Well, I do”

“Well, I do”

Pop-culture has become a part of me, it has become an indispensable part of conversations. It earned me few friends who decided to stick with me regardless of my introverted personality. Linkin Park introduced to me a new culture in the west and I added fragments of them to my pea sized brain. I crooned to the band’s songs, sounding off-key every time. I was not aware of the technicalities, nevertheless it gave me five minutes on the cloud nine. I was wrapped up by the lead singer’s personality and music style. That’s when I got to work on the internet to know you, Chester.

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Chester Bennington

I realise it’s been almost an year since you died. I still feel the shock waves all over me when I saw the news with my own eyes. I can feel my heart break, every time I see the missing line on the Linkin Park’s hexagon of a logo. I shudder when I realise that your own words fell deaf to your ears.

Perhaps the void in me can never be filled.I try to fill the gaps whenever I see your band winning accolades and continue doing what you started.

I don’t care about the critics who say otherwise but for me the one who has led numerous people around the world suffering from psychological disorder or otherwise towards a new light will always be a legend in my books.

Till date I don’t remember your birthday or the date when you died, but any day is a good day to celebrate you. I won’t bother to look it up because I won’t forget you given any day.

Rest in peace, you goddamn legend.



16 thoughts on “A Tribute to a Legend

  1. R says:

    I’ve experienced this with writers/ actors/ musicians too…I guess with music, literature or art that touches us, there’s a part within us that connects to them through their work. The sadness is bittersweet, the joy and gratitude for what we’ve been touched by, and the mourning because we feel we have lost someone who “gets us”…?

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  2. Rajlakshmi says:

    His death indeed sad… I used to listen to Linkin Park too, but mostly because of my brother.
    I had felt similar emotions when Christina Grimmie was shot by a gunman. She was my favorite and I still go to her videos and listen to her beautiful voice. Her death is something I may not get over.

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  3. lantern04 says:

    Hey! I loved your writing. I looked up to him in ways more than one and always will. I too, wrote an article remembering him after a year of his passing. Would appreciate it if you’d take a peep, thank you!

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  4. Shweta Suresh says:

    May he rest in peace. May he finally have the solace that he was desperately searching for. It still breaks my heart, to this very day. Such an irreplaceable loss. I can’t imagine what his family, bandmates, and friends must be going through. I found my way to your post through a link you had left on mine. Sorry, it took me so long,

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