Book Review – ‘A New Dawn’


Book Cover – ‘A New Dawn’

Author: Kamini Kusum
Publication date: 14 May 2018



Shravan is a son of a rickshaw puller and Mugdha, daughter of a Railway officer. He has lived in penury while she has had all the material comforts. He dreams of being a soldier and serving the motherland while she lives in the world of colours. Childhood friendship converts into pure love ignoring the boundaries of a bungalow and its servant quarter. However fate has some other plans and tears apart the two innocent souls, throwing Shravan into a life that has thorns all its way. Will the two live their dreams? Will destiny bring them together again? A novel that will make us believe that life is all about never giving up.


Ramlal’s family finally got shelter in an outhouse of affluent people. He had left his village only to provide quality education for his children. His eldest son, Shravan was studious and used to study overnight in the verandah of Shivaynath’s house. One day he met his daughter, Mugdha and instantly took a liking for her. Both of them enjoyed each others’ company. They also encouraged each other to fulfill their dreams.

Fate had other plans when Mugdha’s father took a voluntary transfer to Kolkata. Shravan and Mugdha were grief stricken by this unexpected news. Life was not easy for Shravan either as they had to leave their house due to the wrath of the new occupants.

Destiny played its cards again and Shravan got in touch with Mugdha. When they had finally met after a long time, their love rekindled again.
Unfortunately Shivaynath disapproved the match citing societal status.

Will Shravan be able to fulfill his dream of serving in the army and make himself capable of asking Mugdha’s hand in marriage?

The blurb is crisp and concise, divulging the right amount of information. The cover is aesthetically appealing. The myriad colours are a pleasing sight. The story starts is off to a slow start, but as things fall into place, it picks up steadily. The plot gives a realistic account on what conspires a ‘Rags to riches’ story.

The transition of love from an innocent teenage obsession to an unfathomable feeling is beautifully portrayed. The characters seemed real. They followed their passion and marched towards their true calling, undeterred despite the unfavourable odds.The surroundings are described in great detail. The language and vocabulary are kept minimalistic. Women’s rights were subtly advocated through some minor but noteworthy instances in the book.

This short and sweet read accompanied with a warm blanket and hot cuppa makes for a perfect weekend.

Click on the links below to buy the book. The book is available in both e-book and paperback formats.

  • Paperback

A New Dawn

  • E-book

A New Dawn


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