Book Review – ‘Beneath the Eyes’

Author: Upender Reddy
Publisher: Notion Press, Inc.
Publication date: 19 Oct 2017
Book length: 134
ISBN-10: 1948032910
ISBN-13: 978-1948032919



Everyone gathered around as the child opened his eyes. They stared at the monitor as the chip attached to the child’s optic nerve began to relay his vision on it. There was nothing. The child appeared to watch an empty corner of the room, focusing his eyes on something invisible. The people around followed his gaze, but could only see a blank wall. Puzzled, they looked at each other inquiringly. The child continued to stare.

“Look!” said Natasha, suddenly. The monitor on the table came to life, and a faint image began to form on the screen. As they all watched intently, the faint image began to form the dark shape of a human. In a few moments, there was a hazy outline of a woman staggering towards the door. The image soon became clear, taking the distinct form of a woman. Slowly, she appeared to come closer to the screen. All of a sudden, her face became clear. She raised her eyes and looked at them. Everyone gasped and fell back, frozen…..


Basu was quite pained to have lost his only child due to a horrific accident. The incident had happened when his kid while indulging in a game, had to fetch the ball that had made way towards the road. Apparently, the kid couldn’t see the incoming vehicles due to his weak peripheral vision. His gruesome death had emotionally shaken Basu, who strived that he will work on a device that will percept what others can see.

After working on it for several years, he got a breakthrough. While his dream project was in human testing phase, he and his team saw vague images of a non-existent lady on the monitor. Then, a chain of mysterious events followed including the death of his two teams members in unforeseen circumstances.

The premise was unique, unlike anything that I have read in the past. The story started off really slowly in the beginning but gradually picked up pace and became quite a gripping one towards the end. It is quite evident that the author has undertaken a lot of research. He has jotted down all technicalities involved in developing the chip painstakingly in the book. I loved the way how he has interwoven the paranormal incidents along with scientific theories in the sub-plot. The emotions of pain and fear dwelled towards the extreme end of the spectrum. The spooky horror scenes will induce vivid images in your mind. The book also has thrown light on unethical testing practices that are quite prevalent in the medical industry.

I was perturbed by the number of editing errors that were surfacing from time to time. Some incidents were incoherent owing to inherent minor loop holes in the plot.

The book ‘Beneath the Eyes’ will definitely cater to the target audience of horror and sci-fi lovers. This one will definitely prove to be a guaranteed new experience.

Rating: 3/5






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