Book Review – ‘Castles in the Air’


Publisher: Rumour Book India
Publication date: 1 Jan 2017
ISBN-10: 1945563850
ISBN-13: 978-1945563850


Laughter is said to be the best elixir and the book is a satire on architecture written by one who knows the bricks and concrete of the profession by heart. The author, an architect himself, delves into the journey of a professional practice. The book is witty with acerbic humor. Word by word, sentence by sentence, page by page, every scene unfolds like a screenplay, leaving the reader amazed with the brutalities of life in architecture, and life itself. ‘Castles in the Air’ is the honest affirmation of an architect’s voice and the connection with the reader is immediate.


We often, visualise architects belonging to the sophisticated coterie. While marvelling the sky kissing light reflecting glass buildings, we end up in praising the builders and often forget the mastermind behind the design of the building i.e the architect.

‘Castles in the Air ‘ speaks about the perks  and perils of the profession of architecture in a tongue in cheek manner. This book also serves as a reminder for aspiring architects who just see the good aspects of this profession while building castles in air.

As the title suggests, this book is a satirical account on the  architect’s life. It narrates the chronicles of an architect right from the day of NATA examination to the day he achieves professional stability. The hurdles faced by a typical student in an architectural college, the hostel life, the last minute fiascos during assignment submissions are narrated in a humourous manner.

The chapters peppered with sarcasm are relatively short, sans any intense emotional drama. I completely agree with the author that, nowadays everyone thinks of themselves as an architect while imposing their views on him, disrupting the drawings painfully made by him in a matter of many months. You will even feel sorry for the state of the architect. The dialogues are the soul of this book, they will guarantee you most of the laughs. Written in a simple language, making it easier for the architects to relate with the story.

The characters were hazy cutouts with no distinct personality, they were appearing and disappearing  out of the blue. I preferred if the author, had developed a central character and weaved a back story around it. It is just my personal opinion, views may vary from person to person. There were also minor editing errors that I noticed in the book.

‘Castles in the air’ is an ode to all the architects, who who painstakingly toil hard to make the world, an aesthetically beautifully place.

Rating: 3.5/5


5 thoughts on “Book Review – ‘Castles in the Air’

  1. Evelina @ AvalinahsBooks says:

    What an interesting topic for a book. Are you an architect, or was there another reason you picked it up? I actually have a surprising number of architect friends 🙂 at one point probably half of my friends were architects 🙂 unrelatedly as well, didn’t meet them all in one place!

    Liked by 1 person

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