Book Review – ‘Between the Pages’


Stories, appeal to the power of my imagination, to the curiosity and to my will. They ignite emotions, without having to go anywhere or do anything. What a wordly pleasure. Stories are wisdom. Stories are made by us, for us. Stories are illimitable, afar precincts. A sensation well loved by me and by you. Stories divulge, revolutionize hearts, transform minds, and change lives.



People around us have a story coursing through their veins that is oblivious to the world outside. They guard them closely in their hearts until they find an outlet to vent them out. We all become stories when we die, the prominent ones, on their way to be locked in books for eternity. Some stories remain unsaid, while others may be a part of someone elses tale.

‘Between the pages’ is a collection of short stories of people from all walks of life. All the stories are narrated from a first person perspective. The author has a flair for writing, which is quite evident in the book. The language is lucid and the emotions are beautifully expressed in words. The vocabulary and the grammar enhances the reading experience. The characters are relatable, deeply grounded in the reality. You may even find bits of yourself between the pages.

Some of the stories started off really well but ended abruptly. I even felt that they could have been extended to couple of pages.

This book is a relatively short and a quick read. Don’t go by its cover, you will be glad that you picked this one.

You can click on the link below to buy the book:

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