Book Review – ‘This Delicious Life’



Spluttering, simmering and steaming.
A brave young woman sarpanch.
An entrepreneur on her bike touring India.
An able District Collector.
A nomadic football coach and the beautiful fisher folk of the quaint little fishing village of Iraalpatinam add the tadka to ‘This Delicious Life’.
Let your mouth water while you feed your soul. Meet Radha, Matilda, Vishal, Gerry, Venkat, Subbu, Ma and the people of Iraalpatinam.

From Jaffna Crab Curry to Mor Kuzhambu, Spinach Casseroles and Tiramisu, from the tiny fishing village of Iraalpatinam, comes a delicious and heartwarming tale. A yummy story of friendship, love and spices.


‘This Delicious Life’ is a story of two women Matilda and Radhamma who are coming to terms with their irreparable losses in life. Radhamma is the epitome of beauty and grace. Always seen clad in a simple Saree, she greets her visitors with her signature smile. Even though she felt the ground beneath her shift at one point in her life, she managed to steady herself. Radha won’t  even hesitate in sharing her recipes as she is a firm believer of sharing love and smiles through food. Just as the salt that binds all the ingredients in a dish, Radhamma ,in her capacity as the sarpanch, has united all the people of Iraalipatinam to accomplish her mission of carving a place for the quaint fishing village on the map of India.Matilda (a.k.a May) is emotionally vulnerable and extremely clumsy in kitchen unlike her deceased mother.

Before you decide to write her off completely, let me tell you that she has rode all the way from Mumbai  to Pondicherry and finally reached Iraalipatinam braving the torrential rains and horrid roads. Feisty as a pepper, Matilda is smart and enterprising.

Unexpectedly, their lives are entwined by the play of their destinies.

The chapters in the book are named after lip smacking dishes predominantly from the South Indian Cuisine. The method of preparation of those dishes have been summarised beautifully in words. Even though you might not have tasted them in your life, you will feel as though you are relishing them through the author’s words.
All the characters that you come across the book are extremely relatable and make you fall in love with them instantly. You may even find bits of yourself in them. The  anecdotes given in the book are reflections of life and are food for one’s soul.

Snuggle in your bed with a cup of hot chocolate and embark on this magical journey celebrating love, life and food.

Hurry! grab this e-book here:

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