Book Review – ‘Flying Without Wings’


‘Flying Without Wings’ is a story of two individuals Milli and Karan who stumbled upon each other through a dating app. Both of them swipe right to temporarily relieve themselves of their life’s burden.

The author has articulated the plot with beautiful expressions of the language. The writing is flawless. The narration flows seamlessly. The descriptions are so vivid that you will feel as if you are transported to those places while reading. The cover is alluring, justifying the theme of the book.

The main highlight of these novel are its characters. They do not resemble the characters in tawdry romance fiction where they are so much involved in themselves that they forget about the world around them. Karan and Milli are constantly fighting demons within them whilst constantly switching from the reality to the fantasy land that they have woven to escape from their numerous problems.

Karan is emotionally vulnerable. For a masculine character to possess this trait is extremely rare.  He is a good listener occasionally allowing Milli to take a bite of his own life. He seems to be always there for her as a philosopher, guide and a friend. Karan has set up too many boundaries around him, owing to his failed relationships and his tryst with hyperlipidemia as early as in his childhood. The chronic disease has taken over his body crippling his ability to walk. He doesn’t let Milli come any closer to him due to this and seems to be happy to allow her witness his life than making her a part of it.

Milli has her own share of troubles having to cope up with her mother’s substance abuse problem, while still not being able to comprehend the loss of her brother.

The part where Karan and Milli finally meet is one of my favourite moments of the book. Each line has been meticulously crafted with perfection. It will definitely tug your heartstrings.

The only flaw was that there was nothing much happening in between other than love blossoming between the leads. It was too emotional at some places; the author could have balanced it with adding adequate humour. There was no element of thrill or suspense to make it a gripping read.

‘Flying Without Wings’ is an ideal romantic fiction with beautiful story, endearing characters and heartfelt moments. A must read book for all the romantic fiction lovers out there.

Rating: 4/5






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