Dear Chester Bennington,

I was enjoying last few days of my three month long vacation, when this popped on my screen.
Chester Bennington
March 20 1976 – July 20 2017″

I frantically typed the keywords to find the cause of your death in the internet. I was left gaping at the computer screen when I learnt that you had committed suicide.

For few minutes, I felt numbness all over my body, slowly creeping in my heart. I remember, that until a few days ago, I was reacting to all posts posted by Linkin Park on social media. I shudder to think what may be going on in your mind, when you decided to take this drastic step.

I also came to know about an unfortunate incident that happened to you, in your early years.It’s sad that you didn’t get a proper closure you deserved.

I know, that you will not be able to read the letter. By chance, if the theories behind Afterlife are true, and you stumble across this letter and wonder why am I writing this? Let me tell you, Linkin Park is special to me because I started listening to English songs due to this band. When I watched the band’s videos, one person, clad with tattoos whom I presumed to be the lead vocalist caught my attention. The energy the person was exuding in the performance was infectious and the voice echoed in the walls of my mind throughout the day.

Next day while digging up info about the band, I came to know the name of the voice. I hit the search icon on your name and when the results popped, I was impressed by your looks, tattoos, dressing sense and what not. Your high decibel voice annihilated my melancholic moods and lifted my spirits.

Up there, (or wherever you are) I hope you are doing well. But a part of you will always remain in the posters on the walls of a dorm room, mobile wallpapers, music playlist and our hearts.

It’s been a month since your death. I still can’t believe that you are gone forever. The void within us can only be filled with your voice, but still feels empty in your absence.

We all become stories when we die, but you have become a song that will linger in our mind for a quite long time.

Two minutes of silence (No, silence is sometimes deafening) I guess the best way to remember you, is through one of your songs.
So here I am, playing my favorite Linkin Park track:

With love,
A fan

7 thoughts on “Dear Chester Bennington,

  1. The Shining Gem says:

    All this, when there was a tour planned, it is just so sad how momentary life really is, one moment you’re alive, next moment, you’re not.

    I am amazed to know that you get three month vacations. 😮 that is quite impressive TBH.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. BlogHollyBlog says:

    Chester’s death hit me hard as well, more than I even imagined a death of a celebrity could. It’s as if the band and all the members could feel the inner turmoil in us all and gave as songs to know we were not alone. Thank you for writing this piece.

    Liked by 1 person

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